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All Star from 94 onwards

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All Star from 94 onwards

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I just thought I'd transfer this across from Swerve. I'll be playing as All Star in 1994 and using Hive's database, as sent to him by me, along with some additional UK workers as I create and then import them. Absolutely no way this will be too in depth, don't even expect pics.

The news around the UK scene was pretty slow to get around, with "The Wrestler" or event programmes bringing people up to date. I'm going to continue that here and, instead of full show by show results, I'll look to give reports and perhaps extended rundowns from major shows. All of the below would feature in the August programmes.

The Wrestler:

July in view

July started well for All Star as Brian Dixon hired his new booker and the fans began to see some exciting changes on the shows. The first change was a return to our shores for The Dynamite Kid. The weekly KO Tag Tournament in Blackburn saw Dynamite team with The 123 Boy to come out victorious. This Tournament also saw Brian Maxine attack Doc Dean after a semi final loss to Dynamite's team. Johnny Kidd was also seen in Blackburn, taking on Johnny Saint for the World Lightweight Title. Saint had, of course, began his 10th title run in 1992 and showed no signs of losing it against Kidd. The final exciting event during the first week of July was the signing of a Broadcasting deal with STV, to show Events only. All Star had of course been featured on STV before during the late 1980s and the channel was only too happy to partner up once again.

As we moved in to the second week, fans were shocked to hear that Pat Roach had relinquished his European Heavyweight Title and moved in to a controlling role in All Star. This led to an announcement for a title tournament, to be held through the month and concluding at the monthly main show. Dave Taylor took a victory over Kid McCoy in the first match as fans in the venue were still coming to terms with the announcement. Robbie Brookside returned to All Star and immediately came out to make a save in favour of Doc Dean, with Brian Maxine again attacking the youngster. In the British Tag Team title division, The Superflys were pitted against Legend of Doom and a newcomer going by the name of The American Kid, a DQ loss for The Superflys suggested that this was one combination that we would see again down the road. There was further controversy as Mal Sanders refused the hand of Marty Jones. Fair enough Jones had just defended his World Mid-Heavyweight Title against Sanders, but the mood at ringside alone showed just how disrespectful this act was. Now, folks, you'd usually be fairly happy with this much action in one month. But, we're moving in to a new age where everyone wants to make their mark and that became no more apparent than during the final match of the night. Nobody at ringside could have expected Greg Valentine, former bright light in Joint Promotions, to walk out to tag with Dynamite and Kilby versus the Singhs and Brody. Even fewer would have expected Greg to take the win. All of this was, of course, shown on our return to Scottish screens on STV.

It was a trip down South for the third week and it started off with two further matches in the European Heavyweight Title Tournament. On this occasion, both Alan Kilby and Greg Valentine would progress to the semi finals. Johnny England made a guest appearance, no reports of whether it was a step in or due to no show. He faced off against Jimmy Ocean, who retained his British Lightweight Title via disqualification. Not exactly how you would expect someone to mark his first year in control of the belt. Pat Roach continued with his fine work as a controlling figure, giving the fans the joy of watching a mat classic between Marty Jones and Chic Cullen. Neither mans respective world title was on the line and the match ended as a 15 minute time limit draw. Finally, Dynamite Kid partnered up with Doc Dean and Robbie Brookside to face Brian Maxine, Dave Taylor and Sid Cooper. It was a strange affair, with Maxine and his friends taking a count out defeat without any real care or concern. Post match, Dynamite stepped in front of Maxine as he appeared to be making for Doc Dean. Words were exchanged, Dynamite clearly called Brian Maxine a coward and Maxine could eventually be heard stating that Dynamite had issues in the past with his temper and that he'd better be careful.

Anyone arriving early to the event in Scotland during week four may have caught site of a masked wrestler during the pre-start bouts. Word has it that he's an American, donning a mask to get himself used to the style in the UK. Guest appearances were made by Rory Campbell and Andy Blair, two fine Scottish wrestlers whom STV viewers would have been pleased to see again. Andy was involved in the controversial six man tag match, with saw The Superflys again get themselves disqualified. Pat Roach made an impromptu title match between Jimmy Ocean and Kid McCoy as a result, with McCoy becoming the new British Lightweight Champion. Rory found himself caught up in the Maxine/Dynamite Kid saga. Kid had just featured in a match that saw the return of Danny Collins and an appearance by Chic Cullen. Whilst walking to the back he was confronted by Brian Maxine and a brief exchange followed, which led to Brian denying Rory the scheduled British Middleweight Title opportunity. Scottish fans saw yet another of their favourites as Ben McCoy came up short versus Sid Cooper in the European Heavyweight Title Tournament. The main event of the evening was a 10 man battle royal featuring numerous legends such as Alan Kilby and Johnny Saint and a debut from Johnny Smith. Marty Jones came out victorious on this occasion.

Big Time Wrestling - July

Fans in the arena noted that the pre-show matches were perfect for going to pick up their refreshments and get a bit of merchandise from the stalls. Job done in that regards and something that All Star are looking to continue with. For the record, Nicky Monroe retained her British Women's Title (Tina Starr) and Steve Prince retained his British Welterweight Title (Karl McGrath).

Cullen vs Danny Boy Collins
British Heavy Middleweight Title

This was a British Heavy Middleweight Title defence for Danny, with Chic looking to add the British belt to his World version. Danny looked slightly off his game on the night, with Chic capitalising on this to take the victory and become a two belt champion at Heavy Middleweight level. Viewers on STV will no doubt have been happier than the majority of the audience.

Kilby vs Dave Finlay (replacing Sid Cooper)
European Heavyweight Title Semi-Final

Pre-match, Pat Roach came out to explain that Sid Cooper had been injured. STV viewers received a slighly fuller explanation, with footage being shown of Dynamite Kid and Brian Maxine getting in to a fight backstage. At this point, Pat Roach announced All Stars latest signing and Dave Finlay made his way down to ringside. Alan Kilby walked to Dave and shook hands, with both men putting on one of the matches of the night. A piledriver from Finlay was enough to see him progress to the European Heavyweight Title Final.

The Superflys vs Legend of Doom and The American Kid
British Tag Team Titles

This match was your standard fair as The Superflys yet again took advantage of the rules. With the match going against them, Ricky Knight decided he would go for a chair at ringside. This saw Robbie Brookside racing to ringside and the Referee, as is one of his main duties, looking to regain order at ringside. During the distraction, Ocean would roll up The American Kidd and The Superflys would retain their belts.

Valentine vs Taylor
European Heavyweight Title Semi-Final

Taylor and Valentine would serve up a fine old school UK wrestling match, with Valentine further earning his place on the roster. A quick suplex and rollover pin was enough to take Greg through.

Maxine vs Dynamite
British Middleweight Title

For the spectators in attendance, the pre-match action was a throwback to Rocco and Kung Fu. Both men were just waiting for the Referee to finish as Sid Cooper stood alongside Brian and Kid McCoy alongside Dynamite. As soon as the ring was free of any officials, Dynamite went straight for Maxine and was on top until a failed attempt to put Maxine out the ring with Dynamite toppling outside instead. Maxine moved in to full cocky mode, with Dynamite struggling with a leg injury. From out of nowhere, a grounded Dynamite took Maxine's leg, hit a drop kick as the stunned Maxine put his leg down and then threw Maxine in to the corner padding before rolling him up.

Finlay vs Valentine
European Heavyweight Title Final

The second match of the night for both men and yet another excellent match. The highlight of which was a toe to toe exchange of european uppercuts just prior to Finlay coming off the ropes with a vicious clothesline. The match ended by submission as Finlay applied a rear chokehold and gave Valentine nowhere to go.

Saint and Jones vs Sanders and TDS

With All Star match makers unable to schedule in title defences for Saint and Jones, fans at ringside were instead treated to watching them pair up instead. The choice of opponents should have given a chance for Sanders to regain a little bit of respect after his actions in the second week of July. Sadly, Sanders left Singh to take on most of the work and suffer the pinfall.

St Clair vs Haystacks
ASW British Heavyweight Title

With both men fresh off of successful tours of Central Europe, this match was set to be a classic. Neither man is getting any younger, but they showed here that it's going to take a lot to topple them. Haystacks, like usual, took control early and had St Clair down. The crowd were at fever pitch just as Tony St Clair rallied and took the victory via a flurry of clotheslines and a running DDT.

Worker Spotlight:

This month's spotlight falls upon The Dynamite Kid. A man who needs no introduction, Dynamite has held numerous titles around the globe. From tag team gold in the WWF (his former partner Davey Boy having recently returned there) to singles titles in Japan, Canada, America and the USA...Dynamite has nothing to prove. Fans from Stockport may remember his appearances for All Star in January of this year and now he's back and certainly giving the All Star fans a bit of excitement. Starting the month with victory in a Tag KO Tournament, Dynamite has soon found himself embroiled in a heated feud with Brian Maxine. In a throwback to the Screensport Satellite Wrestling days, these two men have lit up the arenas up and down the country during July and indeed on the Big Time Wrestling show. Dynamite's win over Maxine gave him his first Title on UK soil since the 1970s and his first ever under the All Star banner. It remains to be seen just how this will eventually play out, with Maxine being the cunning heritage years legend and Dynamite bringing all his experience to the table.

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