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General Update Thread

The place to share your Total Extreme Wrestling dairies, game updates, streams and channels with other users.
Post a forum thread to share your diaries or hype your own dynasty blog which take part in the Diary of the Month Competition.
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General Update Thread

Post by Lucas » Sun Jul 17, 2016 2:28 am » { SHARE_ON_FACEBOOK }Share on TwitterShare on Google

If you don't want to post a diary but just want to post an update how your save game is going, post in here.
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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:28 am

Have just booked The Great American Bash in my 91 save. Some pretty big results, and one pretty big disappointment.

Scott Hall ended his feud with Dustin Rhodes by retaining the TV Title. Scott is set for big things as he's really impressed since coming in and having this run, so I imagine he'll drop the title over the next month. Not quite sure what to do with Dustin. His TV Title run was good, and the plan was for him and Steamboat to get in the Tag Title picture but Steamboat is out for another 11 months with an injury. He can work through it, but 11 months of tanked ratings doesn't sound ideal to me so I've had Ricky managing Dustin.

Kevin Nash defeated Blade in a grudge match having turned on his former partner a month ago. Nash will go over heavily in this feud. I'm torn between having him get involved in the TV Title picture once Hall has dropped it, or pushing him straight after Luger for the US Title. Blade will just become a general lower midcard jobber.

I signed Greg Valentine away from the WWF while he was holding their Intercontinental Championship. So the obvious thing to do was to have him go straight into a feud with Luger, and have Luger go over to establish the superiority of the US Title. Luger has been a dominant champion, and I expect him to hold it right up until Starrcade. Valentine has lost a couple of times to Luger for the title now so I need to find something new for him.

Rick Martel vs. Vader was essentially just a bloody mess. The two had been involved in the Rude/Sting feud, having taken part in a fatal 4 way for the title last month. Vader blamed Martel for costing him the title when Martel broke up Vader's pin after a Vader bomb which led to this match. It was a disqualification as Vader took things to the extreme and left Martel a bloody mess in the ring. I really want to push Vader to the top, but I think there are too many others lined up at the moment so I'll keep him with Martel and let Martel get some momentum back.

Steiners vs. Taylor & Wallstreet is a bit of a thrown together feud with not a lot of backstory. The tag division is a bit weak and I couldn't keep Steiners/Doom going forever. Finally had Steiners go over for the titles, so wasn't going to have them lose them so quickly to Taylor & Wallstreet. ust a filler feud.

My 2nd biggest feud drew my biggest rating of the night. Flair vs. Sid has been going for a few months now. It all started back when Sid was a part of the Horsemen. Flair was feuding with Sting, but ended up getting injured. Like Steamboat, he could work through it but I didn't want my biggest feud to be limited by Flair's I had Flair act as the manager/coach for Sid. His monster that would take down Sting and hand the title to him but Sid wasn't capable of doing it. He failed twice, and when Flair was ready to come back I had him turn on Sid for not being able to defeat Sting. I was a bit apprehensive about Sid being face, but he's shone in this feud. He had been unable to get a win, but his menace and some victories in angles kept his momentum strong. The Great American Bash was the moment he finally went over, and cleanly too. It's Sid's big coming out party as the man who can get the job done. The match was rated 95 and I'm ready for Sid to become a big star.

The main event saw Sting defeat Rick Rude to win back the title he lost two months ago. The match rating was a dissapointing 82 as the feud wasn't hot enough it seems (was pulling high 90's all the way until an 80 rated tag team main event on the go-home show) Rude's victory two months earlier was a shock as Sting had been riding high. Of course it was a dirty finish, but even so Sting losing was not really expected. I probably pulled the trigger too early for Rude, and in doing so damaged my biggest star. Rude defended a month later in the fatal 4 way, pinning Martel but at the Bash it was Sting's time to take the title back. I'll hold a rubber match with Sting winning again before moving him into a new feud. Not too sure on who it will be with yet, perhaps Ron Simmons as a transitional feud. The ultimate plan is Sting/Flair at Starrcade.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by justin.taylor » Wed Aug 24, 2016 4:52 am

So it's 1991, It's WCW, I'm Paul Heyman, and Jim Herd is my terrible boss.

Right off the bat I cut ties with the NWA, who needs that kind of an albatross when Vince has been slaughtering us all for years, am I right? So out with the old and in with the new, an eight man tournament is scheduled to take place over the next few weeks to determine the first ever WCW World Champion! Those participants in no particular order are:

Dustin Rhodes
Ric Flair
Stan Hansen
Brian Pillman
Lex Luger
Michael P.S. Hayes
Barry Windham

First thing, there are three Horsemen in this tournament. It becomes apparent that Ric Flair expects to win the whole she-bang and he expects to use the Horsemen to his advantage in doing so. This doesn't exactly work out, as Flair ends up being eliminated by Sting in the second round. In the mean time, Flair is nowhere to be found when Barry Windham could use some help. The finals, set for WrestleWar, is Sting vs Stan Hansen.

Most of the beginning angles either run their course or kind of fall apart as I make my way through the first month and a half worth of shows. The major thing to note is that after Flair's elimination Barry Windham and Sid Vicious walked away from the Horsemen, leaving Arn and Flair fair game for the debuting Dangerous Alliance! Led of course by Paul E., the Alliance consists of Rick Rude, Bam Bam Bigelow, and the tag team of Bobby Eaton and Larry Zbyszko known as the Phenomenals. Arn and Flair are turned Face in the process, and we have a new big feud.

In the mean time, Cactus Jack and Big Van Vader, led by the legendary Harley Race, have decided to pick on Lex Luger, which of course drew the ire of the former NWA World Champion Sting. Luger successfully defended his United States Title against Cactus Jack at Clash of the Champions and he and Sting lamented about where Vader was with his big challenge. The answer was Vader's final show with New Japan. Once back in the states and signed to a written deal Vader destroyed Luger for the US Title and he and Jack have been running rough-shod over the BFF squad of Luger and Sting ever since.

In other news, Owen Hart and Brian Pillman, the Can-Am Blondes, have excellent chemistry when teaming together. Expect that to go somewhere.

Terry Funk came to town to challenge the winner of the World Title tournament in what has been a steaming pile of disappointment. The guy's not even on Time Decline, but I'm just not getting the ratings out of The Funker that I'd hoped for.

The World TV Title was up for grabs in a 10 Man Battle Royal that was won by the debuting Eddie Guerrero, who went on to lose the belt to Owen Hart, whom Eddie has excellent chemistry with. The battle of the TV Title is on-going, and I brought in "Love Machine" Art Barr as backup and regular partner for Edd G.

The tag team division has been kind of stale, with Doom still holding the World Tag Titles, but The Phenomenals have taken the US Tag Titles from The Steiner Brothers. (And boy, was Scott pissed off about that.)

During the tournament Stan Hansen injured Dustin Rhodes, giving himself a bye into the Finals, and this would become the catalyst for a feud with Terry Funk which as I mentioned before, has so far not been worth a hot turd on the sidewalk. Hansen defeated Sting in the Finale to win the WCW World Championship (with an assist from Vader) and I'm hoping I can either drag one decent match out of Funk before I go on Fire Sale and start making last minute changes at the top of my card.

Speaking. Of. Vader.

Did I mention he helped Big Stan win the World Title? Yeah, let's just say that Sting didn't like that one bit. The two had a stare-down that turned bloody to end the WrestleWar PPV, and I expect that feud to simmer before getting real hot down the line.

In the meanwhile the Dangerous Alliance have been using the last two Horsemen as whipping boys, getting over on them at every pass. Rude went over Flair at WrestleWar (where I found out they had shit for chemistry), and I expect this one to get good quick as rumors 'round the Water Cooler in Atlanta at the office have Ric and Arn hot on the hunt to fill those last two spots in the Horsemen.

And I'll tell you why.

Like it or not...

Learn to LOVE it.

Because Diamonds are FOREVER!

And so are the Four Horsemen.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by cultstatus » Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:35 pm

Playing as WWF and just booked King of the Ring 1992. Was expecting a meh show but it scored a 97 rating to become my second highest rated show of the year.

Quick results:
Sting defeated Shawn Michaels in a KOTR Quarters match(82 rating)
Razor Ramon defeated Big Boss Man in a KOTR Quarters match(76 rating)
Roddy Piper defeated Rick Martel in a KOTR Quarters match(82 rating)
Ric Flair defeated Undertaker via countout in a KOTR Quarters match(77 rating)
British Bulldog defeated William Regal to retain the European title(81 rating)
LOD defeated the Natural Disasters via DQ to retain the tag titles(79 rating)
Bret Hart defeated Jerry Lawler to retain the IC title(95 rating!!!!)
Sting defeated Razor Ramon in a KOTR semis match(82 rating)
Ric Flair defeated Roddy Piper in a KOTR semis match(82 rating)
Randy Savage defeated Sid Justice(79 rating)
Big Van Vader shocked the world and defeated Hulk Hogan to win the World title(80 rating)
Sting defeated Ric Flair in the finals of the KOTR(93 rating)
Jake Roberts made his surprising return and ruined Sting's celebration as King of the WWF.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:23 pm

A few small updates since my last post;

Scott Hall did drop the TV title back to Dustin Rhodes on an episode of Saturday Night. It wasn't clean as Lex Luger interfered to cost him the title after Hall had attacked Lex and declared himself champion. Lex bulked up to heavyweight at my request and now has star quality up to 98. Thinking if I do have him drop the title at Starrcade later in the year, he'll be the man of the year in 1992 leading to an eventual World Heavyweight Title win.

Nash was all ready to step into the feud with Rhodes except he broke his back just as I was ready to hit the feud. Some heat on The Great Sasuke for supposedly botching a move to cause it. He was due to be out well over a year, but successful surgery reduced that to 11 months. Get well soon Kev, at least it wasn't the quad! Eddie Guerrero goes into the feud instead, but not sure I want him to be this featured right now.

Sid Vicious is rolling. I've put him into a feud with Michael Hayes for now. He'll come out of it looking strong as ever. Thinking of using him as the final feud to get Luger over for the title shot next year. Will need to turn him heel again to do so which I don't want right now so it will be in about a years time I expect.

After months of struggling to work out what to do with Owen Hart, I've had him turn on friend Brian Pillman. The two had been an irregular tag team all through the year. I introduced the Light Heavyweight Title to try and get some of the new lighter wrestlers I've brought in get over (Sasuke, Guerrero, Benoit, Ultimo Dragon etc.) and want to get the title a bit of prestige while those guys build up their reputation in the USA so had Pillman as the first winner. Owen was sent into a jealous rage and turned on Pillman setting up the feud.

Outside of the ring, Eddie + Benoit's friendship ended. No reason as to why, but is a shame to see. Ric Flair has taken on Cactus Jack as a protégé which has me in extreme excitement. I'm sure one day i'll have them involved in a storyline, but I just don't see Jack as a member of the horsemen. Speaking of the horsemen, it'll be time to put them back together soon. Windham will be back from rehab just in time for the start of Flair/Sting to build. Not sure on who will be the 4th member yet.

Two big signings this month. Bobby Heenan has officially joined the commentary team, leaving WWF to join us. He, Ross and Schiavone will be our event announcers, with Ventura taking his duties on TV Tapings. Not sure how long i'll keep that going for. Ventura is a great commentator, but Bobby is the man. I may even put him back in a manager role.

The other is Mitsuharu Misawa. I beat off NJPW and WWF in the bidding for him. Very little popularity in the US so for what I'm paying him I need him to produce big and quick. I'll likely run a show in Japan at some point headlined by Misawa/Flair.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by cultstatus » Sat Sep 10, 2016 8:27 am

Ugh so my babyface tag team division has gone to shit. Early in 93 I had a pretty solid lineup of babyface tag teams.

Steiners(set to win the titles at WM, and lead the division)
Nasty Boys
Natural Disasters
Smoking Gunns(just called up, was set to give them a pretty good push)
New Foundation(just around to do jobs)

So the night before WM, Bart Gunn dies, eliminating that team. Then I decide to turn the Headshrinkers heel to give the Steiners a fresh team to work with post Mania. I had the Faces of Fear on the heel said, but Barbarian requested his release and I gave it to him, so that is another team gone. I turned LOD back to babyface to bolster that side.

Then I turned Earthquake heel and split up the Natural Disasters. LOD's contracts came up and I let them go to WCW because I didn't feel like paying them that much for that long at their age and with their issues. I released Neidhart to break up the New Foundation because I wanted to start giving Owen a singles push. Then Brian Knobbs requests his release so I give it to him. Release Sags because what is the fucking point in having him around now?

So this leaves me with the Steiners as my lone babyface team going into King of the Ring 1993. My other teams, all heels, are Harlem Heat, Headshrinkers, Well Dunn(who I keep around as jobbers), and the Quebecers who I just called up. I just signed the Thrillseekers but I'm gonna leave them in developmental for now.

I'm guess I'm gonna turn Harlem Heat babyface. In 6 months time I go from having a stacked tag team division to just having 4 viable teams. Pretty nuts.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:36 pm

I've now completed a year in game, which is pretty good for me. Too often I get 3 months in and start a new game with a different year. The end of year spectacle was Starrcade, and while it was my joint best show of the year, it wasn't as good as I had hoped;

Ric Flair def. Sting to win the World Heavyweight Title. Disappointingly it only got a 91 despite both men pulling out 100 in ring performances. The reason it didn't was down to low story line heat (88 before the match)'s a good rating, but I've been waiting all year to pull of this match so definitely a tad disapointed. Title prestige has jumped to 100 though which is pleasing.

Lex finally drops the US title after a year long reign. Luger's reign with the title was alright. He didn't really make the strides i'd have liked. I booked him real strong all year (3 losses, none clean. 2 to Vader, 1 to Flair and was only on a losing tag team twice) and his popularity slowly crawled up. In some places only by as much as 2 across the whole year, the most being 7. The man who beat him, Scott Hall, however has been money. He's pulling off 98 rated promos, has gone from pop in the 30/40s in January to
ranging between mid 70s and mid 80's (with Puerto Rico at 90)...won't be long until he's in the World Title scene.

Had Sid defeat Vader as he continues his rich momentum. Vader's been doing alright for himself too. Not too sure what to do with either of these guys in the short term.

Ron Simmons ended his feud with Butch Reed with a commanding victory. He'll be Hall's first challenger for the US title.

Steiner Brothers defeated Taylor & Wallstreet by DQ, so were unable to win back the titles. They are really too good for the tag division, but i'm not ready for them to be solo yet (partly because the tag division is so weak)

Dustin Rhodes became a 3 time TV Champion as he got revenge on Eddie Guerrero to take back his title. It wouldn't last long though, as he faced a surprise debutant the next week on Saturday Night, and he lost the title at the first attempt to Davey Boy Smith. Paid a lot of money to get Smith from WWF, and he's one of my all time favorites so expect a big push here.

Misawa defeated DDP and Buddy Landel in a match with not a lot of build, but mostly used to get Misawa over. Desperately trying to get him up to the top level as with his skillset, I think he can put on some classics.

Rick Rude and Rick Martel picked up their on and off rivalry and Rude once again got the win.

Brian Pillman finally regained the Light Heavyweight Title as he beat Owen Hart in a ladder match. Pillman has been pulling off 90 -95 rated promos recently. He may outgrow the Light Heavyweight division.

Overall the show got a 92 rating, my joint best with Fall Brawl (which won card of the year, and featured match of the year Sting/Rude which got a 100 rating) which is good, but again could have been better. Not far off going national, only two more regions left to get the importance I need. My star power is catching up with WWF (around 200 behind) so I think i'm ready. I may need to sign Tony Lister who is super-popular due to making a movie. He doesn't offer me much, but if he can help me win the national battle when I get there I may have to take it.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:35 am

Getting back into my game after a little break from TEW.

The main event scene is full of hot storylines. The biggest of which is the continuation of Sting/Flair. After Flair won the title, Sting has been determined to get it back, but his opportunity has been ruined by a real injury sustained at Clash of the Champions in a main event tag team match. He's out for a couple of months but can still work angles. This is eerily similar to a year ago when Flair got injured in his pursuit of the gold from Sting. At that time, he used Sid Vicious to try and get the title from him. Sting is turning to another giant individual to try and take Flair down on his behalf. Andre The Giant will be debuting at the February PPV to face Flair. Andre has no wrestling ability left to give but is still over with the fans. It won't be the main event of the card in fear of an awful rating, but it'll still be one hell of a spectacle.

Scott Hall is feuding with Ron Simmons. It's really just a filler feud to keep Hall hot with the US Title. I want to have him turn face and be up around the World Title picture with Flair by the end of the year. I think I've identified how to do that, and who he should drop the US Title to in the process, but a bit on that later.

Lex is coming off his US Title loss with a feud with Rick Rude (Rude is jealous that Lex could claim to have a body equal to Rude's, and so is intent on disfiguring Luger) ...the plan is for him to win this feud and gain the momentu needed to take him into the summer program with Flair. I don't see Luger ever holding the World Title unfortunately. He has so much, but just won't get over the way I need him to.

Vader and Sid still going at it. A double DQ at the Clash, while I still decide who should get out of this feud with the win. It'll probably be Sid. I'm also contemplating turning Sid back heel and having them team up. Maybe that'll be my plan for Sting when he's out of the Flair feud.

Steiner Brothers are tag champs again. Taylor and Wallstreet were good for a while, but I have a new heel team on the books (more later) who I want to challenge the Steiners. They've also been paired with Miss Elizabeth to add a bit more beauty to the show. I think she fits the well with her All American girl next door kind of vibe.

Misawa has his first feud. It's an all Japanese (kinda) feud, getting highlighted particularly when I run a special in Japan. He's currently battling the Orient Express (Tanaka + Sato) while I've just signed Keiji Mutoh from New Japan. He will come in and lead a Japan stable with Sato + Tanaka to feud with Misawa. I may decide to turn Misawa and add him to the stable, but not for a while until the stable gets a bit stale. I'm thinking of adding a Japanese title to be defended on the Japan live shows, and maybe entering an agreement with New Japan to use some of their talent for it.

The big news is the signing of Bret Hart from the WWF. I stole him away and he's just made his debut, helping Owen + Bulldog (who had just aligned themselves a week earlier) to defeat Pillman and Dustin Rhodes in the main event of Saturday night. Hart instantly creates The Hart Dynasty with Owen and Davey and they will be a force in WCW. In the short term, Bret and Owen will feud with The Steiners for the tag titles. Bulldog will continue his TV Title feud with Rhodes and whoever else in the future but they will work as a unit. Eventually, Bret will be the man to turn Scott Hall and take his US Title. In 18 months - 2 years time, I'm looking for a big Hart Dynasty vs. Horseman feud so at some point I'll either bring Neidhart in, or turn Pillman. Pillman for now at least will be aligned with The Steiners due to his recent battles with Owen.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by Lucas » Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:41 pm

Love the updates in here IWWRocks, I like the general thoughts way you're going about it. Would be awesome to get some screenshots in here too :)
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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:36 pm

Lucas wrote:Love the updates in here IWWRocks, I like the general thoughts way you're going about it. Would be awesome to get some screenshots in here too :)

Cheers Lucas, having a lot of fun playing this game and probably already got further than any TEW game I've ran before. Have been in bed the last 4 or 5 days ill unfortunately so had no time to progress but will definitely add in some screenshots on the next update!

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by Motor » Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:29 pm

Thanks for the updates IWWROCKS, they gave me a lot of inspiration for my own NWA game. Please keep that going, I'd love to read how your game develops!

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by TsuMirren » Fri Oct 21, 2016 9:20 pm

Right, well I have an All Star Wrestling 1994 diary going over on GDS and have just booked my end of month Main show. Tony St Clair and Giant Haystacks went to a DQ finish, whilst Dave Finlay took EWA European Heavyweight gold.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by Slim Jim » Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:06 pm

I am just entering September '99 on a Montreal Aftermath game, and I'm coming up to my inaugural WWF Tag Team Classic. Here's a layout of my plan for the two-night show:
If you can't read that:
Left Bracket:
[+] Spoiler

Right Bracket:
[+] Spoiler

[+] Spoiler

Faces are the top team in each bracket, winners are the ones in the gold boxes. The first round matches will be on the Saturday night, the rest on the Sunday.

New Age Outlaws: Billy Gunn & Road Dogg; 1xWWF World Tag Team Champions
--They were my go-to team in the early months of my game, holding the tag titles from Nov Wk 4 '97 to Aug Wk 4 '98, where they dropped them to Memphis Wrestling [Jeff Jarrett & Marc Mero]. After failing to regain them in their rematch, Road Dogg went off to rehab from October '98 to May '99, so they are still finding their feet in a different tag team landscape and without Degeneration X.

The Godwinns: Henry Godwinn & Phin Godwinn; 2xWWF World Tag Team Champions
--Phin was one of the first people I sent away to development, though I borrowed him a lot throughout '98 to team with Henry if I was in need of a tag team to take a loss on Raw. Henry stayed as a singles guy for a few months before going down to join his 'brother'. They have both improved a fair bit but neither is really good enough to return to the main roster full time. Mainly here for their A tag experience and their history with the Outlaws.

No Fear Soldiers: Robbie Brookside & Clyde Wilson [Jonny Storm]
--These two have just made it onto the main roster, albeit on one of my 'development' brands. I changed Storm's name because I already have Lance Storm and his 'sister' Tori Storm (Terri Powers). They're both good in-rings workers but neither has enough to get to the next level so they will be at the bottom of the card until their deals come up, then I'll decide if they are good enough at making others look good for me to keep them.

Truth Commission: Kurrgan & Recon
--Both have been in development for 18 months and have developed into solid workers, particularly Kurrgan who is probably good enough that I will bring him up full-time. I might bring Recon with him as they have B tag experience now. They are established enough and big enough to be a credible threat to the Outlaws in this tournament, which is why they make it through to the second round.

The Hardy Boyz: Matt & Jeff Hardy
--Both still in development [as Surge & Willow The Whisp] and not getting called up until Matt drops his development title, which I'm not going to force. They are ready for the main roster, if not the finished article yet. I was a Hardy mark as a kid so they will likely do well on the main roster when they finally get called up, and will be made to look good even in defeat against the Acolytes.

Full Blooded Italians: Guido & Tracy Smothers
--A solid enhancement team, but Smothers is on the Time Decline list now so Guido is getting a small push in the Light Heavyweight Division and this tournament will probably be their swansong as a team, so they are doing the favours for the Hardyz.

Rock 'N' Roll Express: Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson
--A veteran team that have been training my rookies in development, brought in for a nostalgia pop. Plus they can still go, and have A* tag experience. The idea is that they will make the Acolytes look good, and will probably take a pretty savage beating.

Acolytes: Bradshaw & Acheron [Brian Lee]; 1xWWF World Tag Team Champions
--I liked the gimmick, and needed bodies for Taker's Ministry but Faarooq was on the Time Decline list. Brian Lee was the right age and size to make it work (and I liked that he was Fake Taker, although I never explored that dynamic), and he happened to have excellent chemistry with Bradshaw. They were transitional tag champs, taking the belts off War Machine and passing them to Edge & Christian. Hopefully I'll find time and plans to get the belts back on them because I like them as a team. They have just left Taker's Ministry as he goes off-screen for a few months to freshen up, so I'll probably steal from reality again and have them become the APA, because that didn't get enough love in real life.

The Last Cowboys: Donovan Morgan & James Storm
--Another development team. They won't stick around after this show because they still need work but I like the team so wanted to give them exposure on the first night of the tournament.

The Dudley Boyz: Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley; 1xWWF World Tag Champions [current]
--The Dudleyz debuted in September '98 and slowly worked their way up the tag team ranks, getting their first title shot in May '99, before winning the belts in July from Edge & Christian. They have been one of the main teams in my tag team turmoil that built from Wrestlemania and culminated in a 10-team Tag Team Turmoil match at Summerslam, which the Dudleyz won, beating Edge & Christian who went in as champions but also as the first team. That tag team turmoil led to the announcement of the WWF Tag Team Classic, to provide a yearly KOTR-style tournament for teams, as well as the tag belts. The Dudleyz will feud with New Age Outlaws coming out of this PPV.

Pearl Slam: Joey Matthews & Dean Jablonski
--Jablonski was a truly terrible worker at the start of the game, which is why I signed him. He has progressed nicely and is now just about bottom-end of the main roster quality. If he gets his Psychology and Selling from B- to B then I'd be tempted to push him to the IC title even though his top row, entertainment and camera skills are all only D to C- except Charisma & Menace [both C+]. Joey has become a good worker and deserves to be on the main roster but I don't have space. These two have been very successful as a team in development but now I have Chet (Dean's brother) I might bring up Joey and let the brothers tag in development for a while. I like both so they get to the second night of the tournament.

Disciples of Apocalypse: Skull & 8-Ball
--Stayed on the main roster until March '99 but have spent six months in development because I had built up enough teams that they weren't needed and their ability was below the rest of the division. They have returned to the main roster better workers but starting to enter decline. They will see out their contracts and bleed any overness to new faces before being let go.

Serial Thrillaz: Mike Maverick & Shane Helms
--Another development team. They are both decent but not quite there yet. This will be a tryout of sorts, if they do well, they might just make it onto one of my development brands rather than being left in a development territory. I like how '90s their name is.

The Real Main Event: Cassidy O'Riley & Homicide
--I have 7 development territories, who are part of an alliance (which I left for reasons I now forget... I think I was getting annoyed at them borrowing Austin/Taker/etc.), which has an NWA-style alliance title. These two have both won it, as well as Homicide being a two-time champ in his territory. They have C experience and have both developed well, especially Homicide, who is probably the best guy I have in development after my latest batch of call-ups so next time round, he'll be coming up for sure, probably as part of this team.

Flash Magic: Flash Scorpio [2 Cold Scorpio/Flash Funk] & Black Magic [Norman Smiley]
--I originally made Smiley into Black Magic because I was trying to think in that time period, what god-awful gimmick would Vince McMahon and Vince Russo put on a black wrestler? But actually, I've come to like it, probably because Smiley always delivers in matches/promos. This team formed out of the demise of the Nation of Domination, as Godfather formed his own group. He is now a manager and manages Flash Magic & Truth Killings [R-Truth], who are all flamboyant, particularly Scorpio & Truth. I should give these guys more of a push but I haven't found the time/space to do it yet. It'll be easier now Godfather is a manager because he was holding them back in the ring before.

Shane Twins: Mike & Todd Shane
--A fairly new addition to my development system and still very green but good tag experience should get them through, and working with Scorpio & Smiley will be good for them.

War Machine: Bob Holly & Mike Barton; 1xWWF World Tag Team Champions
--I didn't go with Bombastic Bob and Bodacious Bart or whatever way round it was in real life but with the starting roster, there really isn't much else for these guys to do. I dropped the Bart Gunn name because 1) it sucks and 2) it separates him from Billy. I might go the Hardcore route with Holly because Bob Holly is a very bland name, and he's a bland guy. These two have been, as the name suggests, very clinical and machine-like in their approach and have been a success, dethroning Memphis Wrestling [Jarrett & Mero] and having a short reign as tag champs when I was still establishing E&C/Dudleys/Acts of God and the Outlaws were gone. They aren't good enough to trouble my best teams but they are solid and dependable, and can be relied on if I ever need a team for my champs to beat, or need a transitional team.

Headbangers: Mosh & Thrasher; 1xWWF World Tag Team Champions
--Really, really bad workers at the start of the game, again I shipped them down to development and they have both done very well and improved a lot, especially Thrasher, although he is now Flabby. They won't ever be a threat on the main roster but I can rely on them to do a job if I need a team to lose. I just don't really like them.

Haas Brothers: Charlie & Russ Haas
--Still plugging away in development and good workers but not very interesting. I will probably call them up at some point but for now they are just coming up to make Albert look good for one night.

Corporate Punishment: William Regal & Albert
--Regal joined my Corporation after his stint in rehab, and has done a great job. He previously teamed with Big Bossman but he got injured so I replaced him with Albert, who probably wasn't ready for the main roster but promos with the rest of the Corporation and matches alongside Regal and against Austin/Foley/etc. have brought him on hugely in a short space of time. He's now a genuinely good worker in his own right, probably enough that I could push him to the IC title but it would be at the expense of better workers because my roster is stacked. So he'll continue on alongside Regal as a lackey. He's the muscle to back up Regal's snivelling arrogance. Good team but mostly around to lose to Vince's enemies while they work their way up to his chosen one [currently Triple H].

Legion of Doom: Road Warrior Animal & Road Warrior Hawk; 2xWWF World Tag Team Champions
--I let these guys go when their contracts came up at the end of '98 because Hawk was in rehab and Animal was injured, and basically forgot about them as I was building other teams up. I wanted more 'legendary' teams for my first Classic and that's when they popped back into my head. They are just coming in for these shows initially but I might bring them back for another small run if they do well. They give a bit more legitimacy to proceedings.

Unforgiven: Mark Henry & Joey Abs
--Another development team, and not a particularly good one but an experienced one. They are a lot better than when they started though, so they should be fine, and with his strength, menace and star quality, I will probably bring Mark back onto the main roster soon enough and give him a push. Plus I like the guy, he seems like a nice person. Joey Abs might get lucky and come along for the ride if I do call up Mark.

Aerial Assassins: Volador Jr. & Shark Boy
--Originally called The Enforcers by their development territory, I had to change it when looking for teams for these shows because it didn't fit them at all. They are both great workers but lacking that extra something to get them on the main roster. Now my Light Heavyweight Division is gaining traction, maybe they'll get a chance. This is their moment to impress me, I guess.

Owen & Yokozuna; 2xWWF World Tag Team Champions
--Owen had a rough time until HBK left after Mania '98 because he turned everyone against Owen. I have been slowly working through fixing those Simmering Tension relationships, which haven't gone away yet despite being longer than six months. I eventually sent Owen on holiday until HBK was gone. At the time he was European Champion and feuding with Triple H, so when he returned he went after Triple H first (who by then was IC Champ) and when he beat him and took that belt, he went after the European title, held by Kurt Angle. He currently has both after beating Angle and Mick Foley in a triple threat match for both belts. He is still feuding with Angle but I am going to have him obsessed with getting more titles now this tag tournament has appeared, so he will reform his old team with Yoko (who has been going by Rodney Anoa'i in a Samoan stable that will disperse after Survivor Series) and after getting to the final of this tournament, will try to win the tag belts too. I think I'll let him get a third belt, before losing them all in one night at Armageddon, which will send him into a rage.

The Real Athletes: Steve Blackman & Jody Fleisch
--The current World Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Champions [the champions of all my development feds] but a random team and only here because of those belts. They have hardly any experience, having been thrown together for the first time the night they won the belts, and only teaming to defend them. I'm not quite sure how I would sell the Real Athletes gimmick as a face gimmick in real life, and I think Blackman & Shamrock would've been a better pairing for such a gimmick, but for one night I'll just run with it and then send them away again. Blackman is only staying until his contract is up anyway.

Acts of God: Al Snow & Christopher Daniels
--Managed by Jake Roberts, who I have managed to get clean and loyal to me, these guys are part of his Snake Pit, which also includes Charly Manson & Vampiro. I really like these guys, both are great workers, and they're developing a lot in promos too. The creepy, psychological mind games is probably better suited to ECW but would probably have held up well enough in the Attitude Era, but in the PG-era it'd come out slightly flat like the Wyatt Family or something. These guys will get the belts at some point, and I might give Jake an in-ring comeback now he's clean.

Los Gringos: Chris Parks [Abyss] & Ray Gonzalez
--A team in my Mexican development territory, who are doing very well and improving hugely. These guys will be on the main roster soon and I have high hopes for them. They aren't getting far in this but they'll be on both nights of the tournament so it's good exposure. A lot of upside to them, just not the right time for them yet.

Masters of War: Bison Smith & Chris Hero
--A fairly new team in development, only F+ experience, but one that I can already see making the main roster one day, probably after a brand split because I'm getting too many good acts being lost in the shuffle already. Big fan of both guys separately, and as a team I can really see the dynamic. I also like the random name generated for them by the game, think it fits them well. It was tough to have them lose in the first round but they have so little overness now, probably the least in the whole tournament.

The Patriots: Patriot #1 [Del Wilkes] & Patriot #2 [Mike Enos]
--I only got Enos when I bought out OMEGA and took their whole roster on as PPA jobbers. I renewed his PPA deal when it came up but I'm not planning on giving him a written deal, as he's 40. He's pretty solid in the ring though, and has excellent chemistry with Wilkes, which has probably kept them both in a job. Wilkes contract is up again soon as I only resigned him for six months because he was out injured when it expired the first time and I'm a soft touch. They've been useful to have around though so I might keep them for now.

Island Boys: Ekmo Fatu [Umaga] & Kimo Anoa'i [Rosey]
--Part of my Samoan stable, along with Yokozuna and Rikishi. They'll peacefully separate after Survivor Series, with these two being a tag team. They are both a lot better than they started after some time in development, and hopefully working with the guys on my main roster will get them to a point where they are good enough to hold the belts because I like both of them.

Edge & Christian; 1xWWF Tag Team Champions
--They totally reek of awesomeness. I want to split them and push them but I also want them to be the most decorated tag team in WWF history. I feel like they will be the cause of a lot of title switching because I want them to have a lot of runs and I have a lot of teams I want to give a run to, so the two seem to work together. I think I'll have them by my 'figurehead team' of sorts for a few years, until space opens up on the singles roster. I was always a Hardyz guy as a kid but looking back (especially with the WWE Network) and knowing more about what they are like as people, I'm a big E&C guy now.

World's Most Wanted: C.W. Anderson & Mike Awesome
--Another good name by the game, and a good partnership too. I like this team but not enough to feature them. I could see them as part of a new Horsemen if the opportunity ever arose. I have David Flair in development... hah. If I buy-out ECW and make them a brand, these guys would be a good fit there, but they just aren't quite good enough or experienced enough to challenge my big teams yet. They need me to come up with a great storyline to really kick them into gear and make them a threat.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:33 pm

Been a while since my last update, real life had taken over somewhat. I've just booked Uncensored 1992 and it was a huge success;


To talk through the matches;

Lex Luger defeating Rick Rude - this ends the feud and gives Lex the big win he needs going into the headlining summer feud. Lex should be set for the year with what else happened late in the show

DDP def. Kevin Sullivan - DDP is hot and wanted a PPV win to keep it going

Vader def. Sid Vicious - It's Vader time right now and he needed to bounce back from some recent losses in feuds

Orient Express def. Misawa + Mutoh - Sick of being attacked 2 on 1, Misawa announced he'd have a surprise partner for Uncensored. The surprise was on him as Mutoh turned on him. This will now form the Yakuza stable which Misawa will continue to feud with. I've just purchased FMW as an international development territory so i'm really hoping to make the most out of Japanese talent.

Brian Pillman def. Dean Malenko - With Owen Hart tied up in the Steiner story, and Eddie Guerrero having just been sent off to rehab i'm lacking good heel light heavys at the moment. Malenko is an opener so it was an easy win for Pillman.

Steiner Brothers def. Blonde Bombers - Bret Hart went down injured for a month just over a week before the PPV which left me in a pickle as him and Owen hold the tag titles. Decided to throw a number 1 contenders match together which Steiners won against the newly formed Blonde Bombers - Greg Valentine and Buddy Landell

Scott Hall def. Ron Simmons - Scott is dominating this feud. Big things in store for him.

Davey Boy Smith def. Dustin Rhodes - this puts an end to this feud and to Dustin's involvement in the TV Title scene (for now at least)...he's held the title 3 times and Davey will be holding it for a while so I need to find something new for Dustin now.

Ric Flair def. Sting - So much build to this. Flair and Sting agreed to the match on the premise that if Sting doesn't win, he won't challenge for the WCW Title as long as Flair is champ. It was then Flair unveiled he was reforming the horseman. Windham was out (he's recently returned from rehab, but I don't like him in the horseman) so we only knew of Arn + Flair. To combat this Sting turned to his best friend Luger to have his back. The 3rd member of the horsemen was unveiled as Luger's arch rival Rick Rude. No 4th member has been announced yet, but will be in the coming month. To the match itself - a 35 minute epic, was ruined late on by the interference of Anderson and Rude. Luger ran down for the save, but when he went to forearm Flair, The Nature Boy ducked and Luger knocked out Sting. Flair covered for the 3, and Sting is now out of the title picture.

The main event feud is going to rumble on. Sting and Luger are showing signs of dissent but no plans for a turn this early. For now, Luger is going to ask Sting's permission to chase the title seeing as he can't while the Horsemen will try to sow the seeds of discontent between them that this was Luger's plan all along. Luger/Flair will be the main summer program while the plan currently is to have Luger turn on Sting. Eventually there will be a triple threat for the vacant title (which will be vacated due to some kind of controversy so Sting can challenge for it) with the eventual payoff being Sting/Luger for the title at Starrcade.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by Beejus » Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:12 pm

IWW, your WCW is really interesting. Keep the updates coming, please :)

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:55 am

Beejus wrote:IWW, your WCW is really interesting. Keep the updates coming, please :)

Thanks Beejus! Certainly will keep updating it (although Motorsport Manager has just come out so progress may slow a bit! :D) ...I never watched WCW as a kid, was always a WWF guy (luckily the 5 year old me couldn't see 1995 for how bad it was) but with the WWE network I've become addicted to watching WCW and finding out more about it which kinda led me to this game. I also just finished reading Lex Luger's book which was pretty fascinating and has given me loads of ideas for what to do with him in the game.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:13 pm

The Clash is Done;


Not a bad show. No US or Heavyweight Title match probably hurt it a little bit. The main event as a 93 was good but could have been better with Luger, Flair + Sting all putting in 97+ performances but Arn letting it down slightly. Looks good for the eventual triple threat though!


Really good news is Scott Hall is now putting in big performances. In ring performance rating of 98 on this show. Definately looking forward to pushing him for the title down the line.

Rest of the show is pretty self explanatory, didn't want to give too many big games away on TV. War Games is scheduled for the next PPV where Sting, Luger + The Steiners will take on The IV Horseman (with the 4th member being revealed at the show...still not sure who i'm putting in the spot)

The big news is that the show caused the Clash's importance to rise to Above Average!

A look at some pops (Luger, Sting, Flair)




Initial plan when we get to the Triple Threat is for Luger to pin Sting for the title. Flair's pop has rocketed even higher than the screenshot says so it's tough to take the title off him, but will do so in a way he doesn't get pinned.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by Slim Jim » Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:40 am

Two years into my MA game with WWF, and I'm just heading into Survivor Series '99. I have beaten WCW down to Cult and I've risen to Global.

The Rock is my current champion (after a lot of hot-potato booking, he's held it for four months and will be dropping it at either the Rumble or Mania).

Kurt Angle and Owen Hart have been feuding over the IC & Euro titles, each holding both (Kurt separately, Owen simultaneously) with Kurt currently IC and Owen currently Euro. Jericho has joined the feud with his Junior Heavyweight (formerly Light Heavyweight) title, and one of them - probably Kurt - will be leaving the feud with all three belts before dropping two shortly after.

Tag champs are the Dudleyz, who are feuding with Tag Team Classic winners New Age Outlaws. Women's champ is Chyna. Chris Daniels [as Fallen Angel] is the Hardcore champion. Reigning KOTR is Mick Foley.

Austin, Rock and Triple H are feuding for the World title (Big Show was involved too but got sidelined with injury). Triple H is part of The Corporation, along with Commissioner Hulk Hogan, Big Show, Sid Vicious, William Regal, Albert and Big Bossman (and Vince & Shane). Austin/Rock have an alliance of necessity but have had their own issues. Shawn Michaels just returned to WWF for the first time since Mania '98, seemingly joining The Corporation but turning on Triple H to stop The Corp screwing Rock out of the title.

Current SSeries card:

Big Pimpin' vs Samoan Family
--BP are Godfather's stable, consisting of Flash Scorpio [Too Cold Scorpio], Black Magic [Norman Smiley] & Truth Killings [R-Truth] with Faarooq returning from a major staph infection to complete their four-man team with Godfather at ringside (he's retired into a manager role). Samoan Family was going to be Rikishi, Rodney Anoa'i [Yokozuna], Ekmo Fatu [Umaga] and Kimo Anoa'i [Rosey] but Rodney & Ekmo both got injured so I had to draft in Samu and The Tonga Kid. Expecting this one to be a little underwhelming because of the injuries, and they will also mean BP go over. It's a shame because this is a feud I have built since Summerslam purposely for SSeries.

Kaientai vs Memphis Wrestling
--This is Kaientai's last outing before I split them into singles/tag ranks because they are lazy, stereotyped booking. Great Sasuke, Taka, Funaki & Tajiri will represent them, with Kaz Hayashi at ringside. Memphis Wrestling are the group founded by Jeff Jarrett and Brian Lawler, which currently also includes Barry Windham and Dusty Rhodes Jr [Goldust] with Jerry Lawler and Dusty Rhodes as managers. Dusty has only just signed so will debut at SSeries. Memphis will go over, and were one of my favourite acts before Brian Lawler got sent to rehab so hoping to reignite them. Goldust has only just become Dusty Rhodes Jr and had been stagnant for a while so hopefully it gives him something to do. I like that all four are second generation as well, it adds to their superiority complex [which originally was an ideological arrogance].

Snake Pit vs Team Rock
--A bit of a thrown together one here because of my change in plans to the main event. Snake Pit is Jake Roberts' stable that he manages, consisting of Al Snow, Fallen Angel [Christopher Daniels], Rhino & Test. They are dark and cerebral, mainly focused around Fallen Angel's Hardcore title. This is to give them some profile on the card because I like them but they will obviously lose to Rock, Austin, Foley & Kane. Rock and Austin have been feuding over Rock calling himself the leader. Austin doesn't want to be the leader of any team but definitely doesn't want someone else being his leader.

Team Canada vs Team America
--This one was looking to be a throwaway until some WCW contracts came up at just the right time. Canada was always set to be Owen Hart, Chris Jericho, Lance Storm and Sean Morley [Val Venis] but now they are facing a much stronger Team America than my original Angle + others team. It is now Kurt Angle, Curt Hennig, Goldberg & Dean Malenko, who I might keep together after SSeries as a sort of Four Horsemen style group. Originally Canada were going over but I think now USA have to.

Dudleyz & Acolytes vs Edge and Christian & Hardyz
--Four tag teams slammed together to get them on the card. My tag division has been frantic during '99, with lots of options around so generally it has been multi-team feuds. The Outlaws are technically the #1 Contenders at the moment but Acolytes, E&C and Hardyz have been battling just below them for the next shot. Hardyz are new to the roster so will eat the loss to the Dudleyz early on, but after that I think E&C will clean up and take the win to line them up for a run at the champs at the Rumble.

Main Event
Degeneration X [Shawn Michaels, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, X-Pac] vs The Corporation [Triple H, Sid Vicious, William Regal, Albert]
--DX had fizzled out because X-Pac & Road Dogg got sent to rehab, and Triple H exploded in singles. After the others returned, the New Age Outlaws picked up their tag team success again but by then Triple H was a heel in The Corporation. X-Pac was competing in the Light Heavyweight division before Jericho moved into his feud with Angle & Hart. HBK has just returned, seemingly as a heel but turned on Triple H to turn face. He reclaimed DX as his own creation, leading Outlaws & X-Pac and challenging Triple H to a SSeries match. Obviously the temptation is to do a Screwjob rip-off but I'm going to avoid that low-hanging creative fruit (with maybe a failed attempt by Vince) and have HBK go over to give Triple H a bitter, angry reason to feud with him (as well as HBK screwing him out of the title, which he'll do again at Armageddon, setting these two on the path to Mania).

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by mr_matt » Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:23 am

I've got quite the game going with the 1987 Golden Age mod as the WWF, and I've pondered starting a dynasty with it, with a synopsis of what has transpired up to the point where I'd start the dynasty (I'm in Week 2 of October 1987).

-I had Hulk go over Andre just like in real life, but I gave Andre a nice lengthy vacation while Heenan protested the match on his behalf. Hogan would go on to feud with Harley Race, King Kong Bundy and Kamala after the Andre match. The feud with Kamala was also quite interesting as it brought about the arrival of Nancy Sullivan as Woman. She started her own faction of monsters known as the Dark Circle, consisting of Kamala, the Undertaker and Dan Spivey (with Spivey having turned heel). She made a pact with Bobby Heenan to destroy Hulkamania once and for all, which culminated in a six man tag match at SummerSlam pitting Hogan, a recently returned and reformed Paul Orndorff (who blamed Heenan for his career going downhill), and Jake "The Snake" Roberts against Kamala, King Kong Bundy and Hercules.

-Jake Roberts of course started off feuding with Honky Tonk Man. Honky Tonk still won their WrestleMania III showdown, but instead it was by disqualification as Jake intentionally got himself disqualified by using Honky's own guitar and walloping him with it, more concerned with getting revenge than getting a win. Wouldn't you know it, Jake fails a drug test the next day, so I'm able to work it into an angle by having President Jack Tunney declare that Jake is suspended for his dangerous actions at WrestleMania. After suspension, the feud picked up where it left off and culminated in a tag match pitting Jake and Tito Santana against Honky Tonk Man and Danny Davis. Honky Tonk would still the win by grabbing Tito's tights, but Jake got the last laugh with a DDT on Honky Tonk Man. As a side note, Tito would end his feud with Davis at SummerSlam, winning the match in which he had put his career on the line if he couldn't beat the former ref.

There's more to post in the coming days.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:59 am

Not much posted in here for a while, but I like to write down my random thoughts so will continue to updates here! Back to TEW after a long break away and continuing my 91 game. Not a lot to update yet, but the key points;

I've found my 4th Horseman! Shawn Michaels is jumping ship to WCW. He solves all of my problems. He can be the 4th horseman who is groomed for success in a few years, he can have the program with Pillman for the Cruiserweight Title that I've been struggling to find, and hopefully he'll be a key figure in a few years time if involved in a national battle. I think my cherry picking of WWF is pretty much done...there's no one left I really want except Hogan and Undertaker. The latter I don't think will ever leave unless I buy the company.

The issue I have is that Michaels isn't available until after the May PPV. I had planned to go with War Games this month, then Luger vs. Flair the following. I'm going to switch those around now so Luger vs. Flair is happening a bit earlier than I'd like. Flair will win the fight, but in some form of controversy that sees the title vacated. Sting will all of a sudden become interested at being able to fight for the title again leading to the Luger turn at War Games the following month and setting up the triple threat at Great American Bash

Not sure on whether to debut Michaels in the build up to War Games or have him a surprise debut on the night? A month seems a long time to have him on the shelf, and I'm not sure he's a big enough name to be a surprise debut in a huge main event so I'm leaning to instant debut.

Elsewhere on the card not really many changes. I'm trying to hold off on The Steiners vs. The Harts till GAB but don't think I can go two more PPV's without having it. So will likely have The Harts cheat to retain the title, but The Steiners come through on the big show and win them.

I'm seriously considering DDP for a US Title run by the end of the year. His promos are working really well and his in-ring work is solid. If I can get a bit of momentum going, I think he'll be primed by November/December for the title. Don't think he'll be ready to take it off Scott Hall so will need to hot shot the title a bit to get it down to DDP.

Plan to pick this game up again and plow through some months so expect more news soon!

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:01 pm

Superbrawl 92 is in the books!

Pretty good show overall. It ranks as my 5th best show of all time, and 2nd best of 1992 after Uncensored. Lex Luger vs. Ric Flair is obviously the big one here. Sting cost Lex the match when he ran down to save him from a 3 on 1 beatdown from Rude, Arn and Flair. Accidently hitting Luger in the same way Luger did to him at Uncensored. This will cause Luger to continue down the paranoia path he's been on with the turn coming at the next PPV in War Games.

I was thinking of giving Lex the title at the Bash. The match with Flair didn't quite come in as high as i'd like it, and Luger is maybe not quite ready. The heel turn will be key. If that and the gimmick change go well, it could be the last little push he needs to be ready for the title. Flair is red hot, I should probably stick with the title on him (mid 90's across the board with 99 in Mid Atlantic) but I like to move the title around and a triple threat is going to be the best time to take it off him.

As mentioned, felt like I had to go with Harts/Steiners here as i'd been building for it for too long. Poor planning on my part, so threw in an intentional DQ finish to keep it going a bit longer. Steiners will be tied up in War Games next month so the Harts will have a random defence next PPV, with the title switch set to happen at GAB.

DDP gains the TV Title. Had to keep Davey strong to keep him happy, but DDP actually had a better in-ring performance so feel justified in the switch. Davey had the title for nearly 6 months which is longer than i'd like to have the TV Title on someone. He successfully defended it 7 times, way more than anyone else (the max was 3 by Guerrero) ...I love looking through a title lineage at the history of that title. I will post at the end all of my lineages, but this one is probably my favourite. I'm enjoying how i've booked it.

Debating when to do the Misawa turn to have him join the Yakuza. He couldn't get the clean win over Mutoh and I feel like I need to keep it that way if i'm going to turn (why would you turn and join a person you've beaten clean?) so I guess it's going to be sooner than later, but I already have so many heels in the midcard, I worry i'd be bloating it even more.

Title Lineages;

Images aren't working when trying to embed for some reason so have to just leave them as links

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:44 am

So I just had a Match of the Year candidate, and the best match of my year so far...and I gave it away on free TV!


HBK debuted as the 4th member of the Horseman to cost Sting/Luger the match. Luger got pinned purely so he can say "where were you Sting?" who was being distracted by AA at the time.

Bit annoyed my first 100 of the year comes on Saturday Night but I guess I shouldn't complain too much!

As a whole, that show also now comes in as my best rated show of all time.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by IWWROCKS » Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:31 am

Am away from my PC with TEW on it, so will update this post a bit later with ratings and screenshots. A lot has happened!

War Games and Great American Bash have been and gone. At War Games, Luger had a very successful heel turn and it set up the Triple Threat perfectly. Michaels was the weak link in the match as expected, but it ended up being a pretty successful show.

The Triple Threat at GAB saw Luger pin Sting for the title after some shenanigans. The rating wasn't what I would have liked for a couple of reasons. I held it in one of my least popular regions in the US (Great Lakes) and also Flair used creative control to block the match (even though he wasn't being pinned!) so had to protect him to get him to agree.

Holding it in the Great Lakes was a calculated risk. I knew it would bring down some ratings, but it was 1 point away from 65 importance and I was 1 region being 65 away from going National. Objective achieved, I hit National. This is where the magic really happened...

I've got 1 month to prepare for the National Battle to kick in with WWF. I'm about 300 points behind and there is no one on the market who could improve that. 2 weeks later, I get the best surprise I could ask for...Hulk Hogan's contract is expiring. He signed with me (I even managed to avoid giving him creative control, which WWF had offered!) and joins in 14 days, right when the National Battle will begin. The timing couldn't be more perfect, and I had no idea Hogan's contract was even going to be coming up so I lucked right into it.

The decision now is on how to use him. I've already got quite a large roster and there are some top level guys I've got nothing for (Sid, Vader, Martel) so I'm going for a brand split. I've purchased the AWA titles and I'm going to bring Hogan in as the face of the AWA. The story is that Flair is using his political influence within WCW to keep Hogan out and so Hogan is forced to find help to create a rival show. Several WCW guys jump ship, along with some developmental talent and one or two more signings (Bossman's contract is up)'s a sort of nWo storyline, but with Hogan as the good guy. The shows will actually be kept quite separate with no real "invasion" storyline after the initial Flair keeping Hogan out.

So with GAB out of the way, I'm now building towards Starrcade. It's quite some time away, but at this point I need to have the biggest show of the year in my mind.

The original plan was Sting vs. Luger for the title (Sting will be put out of action for a while as part of the current feud, meaning this would be the first 1v1 match) however I'm now going to take the title out of the picture. Luger will drop it back to Flair later in the year.

Flair will battle Hogan. There will be an annual tournament title held at Starrcade for the Undisputed Champion. Each year the WCW champ will face the AWA champ to determine who the number 1 is. I'm not sure if it is a good idea or not to not have the WCW and AWA belts defended on the show which is the only issue with this. Hogan/Flair would be huge though.

Until then Hogan will be feuding with Vader over in AWA, while Flair will be up against Luger initially and then possibly Scott Hall who is due for a turn in the coming months.

Those are the big ones, i'll fill in more later with pictures, ratings and some more details on the undercard.

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Re: General Update Thread

Post by DomNWO » Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:37 pm

Hey man, loving the updates. Keep up the good work!

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